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Body Sculpting

Sessions Starting at $149
Packages starting $499


Non-Invasive Lifts

Starting at $149


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Nurse’s Beauty and Wellness Center is offering: $499 for a 4 week Body Transformation.

 Your customized Transformation Sessions Includes:

  • Personal NBW consultation

  • Personalized Treatment Plan

  • 4 weeks transformation sessions

Treat stubborn target areas to contour and reduce body fat. Book now and also get half off on our Sauna Detox throughout the Summer 

NBW Body Contouring Academy

Option 1

NBW Body Contouring Academy Basic Training Bundle $2999.00

  • Body Contouring course (Includes: All 6 modalities)

  • 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine

  • Set of Wood Tool

  • Training Manual

  • Consultation and liability forms

  • Insurance and Business Formation Consulting

  • Accredited Certificate

  • One year support

  • Vendors List

Option 2

NBW Body Sculpting Academy Advance Training Bundle $3499.00


  • Body Contouring course (Includes: All 6 modalities)

  • Detox Sauna training w/Certificate

  • 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine

  • Sauna Blanket

  • Set of Wool Tool

  • Massage Table

  • Training Manual

  • Sample Consent Forms

  • Consultation and Liability Forms

  • Insurance and Business Formation Consulting

  • Accredited Certificate

  • One year support

  • Vendor List

Option 3

Nurse’s Body Academy Deluxe Training Bundle $3999.00


  • Body Contouring course (Includes: All 6 modalities)

  • Detox Sauna training w/Certificate

  • Non-Surgical BBL w/Certificate

  • 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine

  • Vacuum Therapy Machine

  • Set of Wool Tool

  • Massage Table

  • Trolley Cart

  • Training Manual

  • Sample Consent Form

  • Accredited Certificate

  • One year support includes one-on-one monthly meeting

  • Vendor List

  • Deluxe Business Formation Consulting (include credit vendor (Additional Price) and much more.



  • Professional Grade 6 in 1 Machine Includes Laser Lipo

  • Wood Therapy Training Included With Tools

  • Mobile Bed

  • Starter Kit

  • Consent Forms

  • Certification

  • Training Manual

  • Instructor Demonstration on various parts of the body using the different modalities

  • Students Work On Live Models

  • Ongoing Mentorship

  • Free Refresher Course

We provide you with

  • Certification

  • Science behind the technology

  • Body conditions

  • Body areas

  • Client Benefits

  • Protocol

  • Consent Form

  • Before/After Instructions

  • Treatment Form

  • Treatment Techniques Demo

  • Practice Tips

  • Pro Tips

  • Treatment Schedule

  • Recommended Fees

  • Ongoing Support

  • Lifetime access to the course!

During this course we will focus on:

We will walk you through the entire process of conducting consultations, booking clients, performing custom treatment plans, getting your business license, and anything else you may need to get you started. 

Be part of this expanding and very lucrative industry. Body Sculpting session rates can range from $100-$250 per hour. Most Salons and Spas offer packages of 4, 8, 12. 


Price breakdown:

$500 non-refundable deposit 

Balance due 48 hours prior to training day 

The body contouring market, including noninvasive and minimally invasive fat reduction procedures, is set to rise to over $1.1 billion by 2022.

This course is designed for beginners and all levels. We provide in-depth training in Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Laser-Lipo treatments and Electromagnet Sculpting HIFEM.
We educate all our students on how to properly administer cavitation and how to release the waste once the body has broken down the fat. It’s very important to learn how to do Cavitation and body contouring treatments properly so your clients get the best results. We are committed to ensuring you are 100% confident when providing treatments.

Our training course provides in-depth knowledge from beginning to end with ongoing support and mentoring.

With your certification from our academy and the insurance information we provide you are able to get insured to provide this service safely and legally within the United States with a  license from NMSA.

This training course combines

  • Ultrasonic cavitation

  • Multipolar Radiofrequency for the body & face with Red LED Light

  • Electromagnetic Sculpting HIFEM Technology

  • Vacuum Bipolar Radiofrequency

  • Vacuum Therapy

  • Lipo Laser

  • Detox wrap

  • Course is taught by licensed nurse instructor


For more information on our training and to register call (424) 247-8379

Course Includes:

  • Education on What Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Laser Lipo & Electromagnetic Sculpting are & how they work System is FDA Approved

  • Certification Education on Frequencies and Amplitudes

  • Training on explaining process to clients and answering questions (extremely valuable in communicating with potential clients) 

  • Education on results and benefits

  • Training in screening clients, client consultations and client safety Correct and consistent measuring of treatment areas, charting client progress

  • Necessary client forms and consent for treatment ‘How To’ training for all treatment areas of the body, treatment areas defined (class time and hands on training)

  • Experts tips for best results & other services that compliment Lipo Cavitation and RF treatments and will boost your profits

  • Small class size.

  • You can reserve your seat with a $500 deposit. Balance is due 48 hours before training.

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